Favorite characters in Game of Thrones:

Poochie The Rockin’ Dog





Screencheat is a two to four player first-person shooter where everyone is invisible and the only way to eliminate your enemy or win the match is by screen cheating - as in looking at your enemies side of the screen to know where they are and hunting them down.

Screencheat is certainly a unique FPS in today’s gaming world where every shooter is almost of the same concept but with a different theme to them. Taking inspirations from classic competitive FPS games like Goldeneye, Perfect Dark, and Halo, it’s looking to be an extremely fun and competitive game with a big (invisible) twist.

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I can’t believe we are getting to the era of post-genres in gaming

What’s post-RTS going to be, you can only build your opponents units?

Either way i’m interested in where people can take them

this is so stressful to me i would get so frustrated playing this

i love it

Giant Bomb plays Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Training Lair [x]

Predator (1987)


KRAKEN - Dynamite Cop (Sega - Dreamcast - 1999)


Vince McMahon doesn’t like Texans.



Production DesignBlade Runner (1982)

by Lawrence G. Paull

Autoreblog engaged

There have been many BR photosets but this takes the cake